Learning and Teaching

We believe that all students should be exposed to excellent teaching and have access to resources and skills that enhance the learning process. All students will be taught at their level.


All students learning styles and passions will be included in their learning program. Students will be active and enthusiastic participants in their learning program.


Our teaching approach:

  • is underpinned by the expectation that all students will succeed and ensures the best progress of all learners across the range of development (intellectual, moral, social, physical and emotional)
  • enables students to develop deeper understandings about the world and how it works.
  • builds capacity for lifelong learning which is relevant and purposeful
  • ensures a personalised response to the learning needs of each student
  • engages learners in creating new knowledge and understanding by thinking and working creatively,
  • exploring and experimenting, planning and reflecting, and communicating and collaborating.
  • builds relationships within and beyond the classroom to create learning opportunities in diverse environments
  • involves the appropriate and ethical use of contemporary technologies and resources that enable and transform learning