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Lemnos Primary School has a village philosophy and strongly believes that it takes strong partnerships between home, school and other organisations on an individual needs basis to give students the support they need to become happy well adjusted adults.


We understand that raising children is not always smooth sailing and sometimes extra support is required to help our children reach their full potential.


Luckily, there are many websites and agencies that are here to assist parents and the school in providing support to your child, here are a few links to useful websites.


Raising Children Network The Australian parenting website: comprehensive, practical, expert child health and parenting information and activities covering children aged 0-15 years.


KidsMatter Primary is a mental health and wellbeing framework for primary schools and is proven to make a positive difference to the lives of Australian children.


Building Resilience - Department of Education Resilience is the ability to cope and thrive in the face of negative events, challenges or adversity. Schools have the capacity to promote the resilience of children and young people.


Family Violence Prevention — Relationships Australia Relationships Australia provides a range of services to assist those experiencing violence or abuse in their relationships. Counselling and other support is available for people who have experienced violence and abuse and are seeking ways to ensure their safety, or to overcome the impact of this trauma.


Berry Street - foster care, family violence, child & family services Berry Street helps vulnerable children, young people and families across Victoria by providing safe homes, healing trauma, and strengthening families.


Parentline Victoria Parentline is a confidential phone counselling service for parents and carers of children and teens in Victoria. We offer information, referrals and assistance on a range of parenting issues.


Support for Children with Special Needs If your child has a disability there are a range of options to help them access quality education that meets their needs. Learn about getting your child assessed, special schools and support programs.


Child FIRST - Better Health Channel Child FIRST (Child and Family Information Referral and Support Team) provides support and assistance to vulnerable children, young people and their families where there are concerns about the wellbeing of the child or young person. 


Austin Health: Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service The Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) provides a comprehensive service for children, adolescents and their families who are experiencing psychiatric, psychological and behavioural problems.